RUHU Volunteer Series – Hannah

Hannah (Bresser) Olszewski took her first trip to Uganda in 2015. She was introduced to Beautiful Response and RUHU through the annual chili supper, a fellow volunteer, and BR’s executive director. Hannah, like many of RUHU’s other volunteers, had participated in several state-side mission trips but she knew this would be a life-changing opportunity and […]

Beautiful Response Board Interview Series – Faith

“It, [Beautiful Response], serves humanity in a very real and tangible way. Children eat because you donate. Children go to school because you donate. Children are safe and loved because you donate. Not sure there’s a better argument than that.” Faith Cordell first got connected to Beautiful Response while living in Washington DC. “When we […]

RUHU Volunteer Series – Jordyn

Jordyn Esselman first discovered RUHU in 2017 while volunteering in Uganda with another organization where she was using her nursing degree to do medical outreaches in the slums. After this trip, Jordyn was drawn to learn more about RUHU and soon decided she wanted to contribute as much as possible. When asked why she decided […]

Beautiful Response Board Interview Series – Ron

“We can’t be everywhere with everyone, but this is excellent work. It’s great to be a part of something so special.” Ron Kihara has a personal and passionate connection to Beautiful Response and the people of Uganda. As one of the very first board members at BR, Ron has seen our growth from two people […]

RUHU Volunteer Series – Alyssa

Alyssa is a long-time supporter of Beautiful Response and has volunteered with Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) 3 times. She took her first trip to RUHU in 2014 at 19 years old. “During this trip, I knew I would never forget the faces and stories of those that I met and that these organizations […]

Beautiful Response Board Interview Series – Pamela

“Beautiful Response is different because it has boots-on-the-ground experiences in Uganda. They know the leaders of RUHU and all the children on a first-name basis.” Pamela Tipler may be our newest board member, but she comes with years of unique experiences and first-hand knowledge of the kind of medical care needed in Uganda. Pamela first […]

Beautiful Response Board Interview Series – Siska

“I love to pray, and covering the children and the work of RUHU with prayers is one of the reasons I believe God called me to BR.” Siska Larson is a board member with a big heart for helping others. She has served on our board since 2020. “I learned about Beautiful Response from my […]

RUHU Trip Day Eight!

DAY EIGHT WAS OUR FINAL DAY! Wow, this trip flew by so quickly! On our last day, we packed in a final slum outreach, a farewell ceremony at the RUHU Primary School, and the grand opening of the new House of Hope. During slum outreach, we were able to participate in painting a participant’s story […]

RUHU Trip Day Seven!

DAY SEVEN WAS OFFICE AND RUHU GRADUATE DAY! Day seven of our trip was a long and significant workday. I, Laura, spent most of the day with the head accountant, Reuben, at the RUHU office verifying Term 1 school accountabilities. We worked through a lot of numbers together! Meanwhile, Mackenzie spent the morning teaching English […]

RUHU Trip Day Six!

DAY SIX WAS SECONDARY SCHOOL DAY! We started the day at Village of Hope (VOH) which is primarily home to the RUHU Secondary school but also includes the VOH clinic, church, and farm. Currently, the RUHU Secondary school provides “O level” education which is years 1-4. The goal is to expand the school to include […]