Mission: Love Haiti

Mission: Love Haiti (MLH) has been an essential part of the Neply community since the mid-90s. In that time, they have grown their programs and community outreach.

In 2017 we added Pastor Antoine Charles to our Haiti Partners. Mission: Love Haiti includes a church, school, clinic, orphanage, and guest house. We have committed to providing $25,000 a year to help pay the teachers’ salaries at Emmah, a school for nearly 500 students from preschool through high school, and food for 22 orphans.

MLH Programs

What Your Donations Go Toward

The Church

The mission is grounded by the congregation that Pastor Antoine and his team lead. Young people are raised up to be leaders in the community. Mission groups go out to minister in the mountains, and in the areas most severely hit by earthquakes and hurricanes. They are a picture of 2 Corinthians 8:2, giving out of their poverty.

Emmah School

Emmah is the school connected to MLH. There are 426 students from preschool through high school.  It is also the largest employer in the community. For several years there was no money to feed the children at school, but today we are raising funds, making it possible to feed 426 children each day at school.  We have half of the money needed for this school year, so we need another $20,000 for the second half of the year.

MLH Clinic

When resources were available there was a dental as well as medical clinic operating through MLH. We look forward to the day we can help provide the funds needed to make this available in the village again. In the meantime we are supplying basic medications that can be dispensed by a nurse. When safe we will welcome medical and dental personnel down once more, to provide short term assistance. Dr. Dan and his family have come down several times to give the very first dental exam our students and community members have ever had. If the needs are urgent, people are referred to a dental clinic at a nearby mission and we help provide funds needed to treat them. Lives have been saved as the needs were diagnosed and the children treated. Nurses have come down to train in CPR and helping to treat wounds.  

MLH Orphanage

While technically an orphanage, Pastor Antoine prefers to call this his “family.” There are currently 22 children and young adults living together at MLH. Family members do not “age out” of this orphanage as is typical in many orphanages. They leave when they are equipped to make a life for themselves. Several of the “family” are currently in the HTY program and nearing graduation. 

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