RUHU Trip Day Seven!

DAY SEVEN WAS OFFICE AND RUHU GRADUATE DAY! Day seven of our trip was a long and significant workday. I, Laura, spent most of the day with the head accountant, Reuben, at the RUHU office verifying Term 1 school accountabilities. We worked through a lot of numbers together! Meanwhile, Mackenzie spent the morning teaching English […]

RUHU Trip Day Six!

DAY SIX WAS SECONDARY SCHOOL DAY! We started the day at Village of Hope (VOH) which is primarily home to the RUHU Secondary school but also includes the VOH clinic, church, and farm. Currently, the RUHU Secondary school provides “O level” education which is years 1-4. The goal is to expand the school to include […]

RUHU Trip Day Five!

DAY FIVE WAS WORSHIP & UNIVERSITY DAY! We started day five worshiping in Kikonge at one of RUHU’s three churches that Beautiful Response supports. The congregation was happy that we chose to worship with them and so grateful for the support they receive. Their one request was that the Muwala Mulungi program be introduced in their […]

RUHU Trip Day Four!

DAY FOUR WAS MEDICAL OUTREACH DAY! Medical outreaches are rigorous and demanding, often requiring lengthy travel to reach remote villages in need of services. On our visit, we traveled for two hours to provide medical care to a village the RUHU medical team had visited recently. Due to the overwhelming number of individuals in need […]

RUHU Trip Day Three!

DAY THREE WAS MUWALA MULUNGI DAY! Muwala Mulungi, translated as Beautiful Girls in Luganda, is an empowerment program working with young women in the various slums of Kampala. It is led by Lydia Mukwhana, an amazing woman! This program empowers young women by providing them with life skills, hands-on training (such as jewelry making, catering, […]

RUHU Trip Day Two!

DAY TWO WAS TIME TO GET TO WORK! I (Laura) spent the morning reviewing RUHU’s internal accounting systems with the external auditor/compliance officer that Beautiful Response hired at the end of 2022. RUHU has made tremendous progress with its accountability policies and procedures, and it was so good to finally meet the two men spearheading […]

RUHU Trip Day One!

DAY ONE WAS WELCOME DAY! We started off the day by visiting the Girls’ and Boys’ homes, the new House of Hope, and finished with a welcome ceremony at the RUHU Primary school. At the Boys’ Home, we had the privilege of meeting the 7 new boys who had just been brought to RUHU from […]

Beautiful Response Board Interview Series – James

“The biggest difference [at Beautiful Response] is the nature of our relationships…working with RUHU is unlike anything I’ve ever done before.” With over 12 years of professional work and board member experience within nonprofit organizations, including 6 years as a Beautiful Response board member, James Colten is an invaluable asset to our team.  James has […]

Laura’s Trip to Uganda

I’m heading back to RUHU for the first time since 2019! COVID upended my plan to return in 2020 and subsequent years. An Ebola outbreak forced me to postpone my 2022 trip. It has been 4 years since I have seen the kids at RUHU. I’m not sure I will recognize some of them; they […]

Herman’s Story

Poverty is an abstract term. So is “vulnerable children.” I use both phrases regularly and pretty quickly they lose their force. But when you walk into a slum and see a 6-year-old boy, his eyes redefine those terms for you. He is what poverty looks like. This is a vulnerable child, not in the abstract. […]