Part 3 of our “What More is Doing” series…

Last month we shared with you RUHU’s goal to “do more” in response to the heartbreaking situations children, especially those in under-resourced countries, are experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was RUHU’s goal to increase their programming and care of the children that they serve through academic coaching and mentorship workshops. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing personal testimonies from children at RUHU that talk about how Covid has affected their lives, and their thoughts about the impact of the coaching opportunities and workshops being provided by RUHU. 

At this time, Uganda does not plan to re-open schools until January 2022. Beautiful Response is looking to provide an additional $29,000 to support RUHU as they continue to provide vital resources and education to protect these children from further negative effects. As you read their stories please consider donating to support these needs. Thank you!

I am Winnie from the RUHU girls’ home.

First of all, I would like to thank God for Daddy William, Daddy Patrick, RUHU social workers, mamas, and our sponsors because they are alive and they have been a light to our path.
In this lockdown brought in by Covid-19, I have faced good and bad things and these include: in 2021 I was supposed to be in senior four class but am still in senior three; during this lockdown many girls my age have given birth, many have been forced into marriages due to closure of all schools and businesses; many people lost their business causing prevailing poverty; and many people have died.

Despite the bad things caused by Covid-19, I have been blessed positively. RUHU has organized workshops that have enabled me to learn a lot and I see my mind widening. I have learnt that abstaining from sex is good. I learnt about the challenges associated with early marriages, pornography and its associated problems, character transformation, mindset change, the zeal to love and worship God always because he is everything and has wonderful plans for us, among others. This workshop has been of benefit to me and my fellow children and I deeply request that you let us continue with it, indeed we need to learn a lot.

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