Where We Were: 2013

In 2010 when we first visited Raising Up Hope for Uganda, the kids had safety. Usually they had food

In 2011, we focused on making education a reality for all of them.

In 2012, we knew we had to address the issue of space.

In 2013… 

In 2013, our hopes for new space finally became a reality as the girls moved from the RUHU headquarters building to a space that became called the Jireh House. Jireh means Provider. That house has served as a safe home, a place of refuge, a space of comfort and welcome for the last 7 years. Patrick and William named it the Jireh house because God had provided a new home for the girls of the orphanage. It has also been a house that provides shelter and family for dozens of girls who have spent nights there. 

A Note from William on Relief Efforts

The green bag project once again has come to the rescue of so many who have been starving in their homes.Today we had the great opportunity of meeting a 95 year old grandmother who had gone to the garden to look for food but didn’t find any. Miraculously when she came back she found us at her doorstep with two green bags full of food. She has given her life to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Thanks to our many partners for this blessing of food and other related expenses. Please donate today to save so many from hunger and depression!


At the core of what RUHU does is the conviction that every human life is worth dignifying. The RUHU staff goes to incredible lengths to elevate the lives of children, the elderly, and other vulnerable people. They work tirelessly against a world that perpetually ignores particular kinds of lives. They are a great model for us in the midst of a time in the United States when it is easy to name-call, stereotype, and give up on difficult and complicated issues. May we have their endurance, patience, and love as we partner with them in creating a better world.

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