When It Comes to Asking for Money…

You’d think that since I co-founded a non-profit and serve as a pastor, I’d be better at asking people for money. That’s like half my life. 

But I’m terrible at it. 

When we started Beautiful Response, it was only because people gave miraculously. We held one gathering, told a handful of people and sent a few emails. In many ways, our hand was forced. The generosity of family and friends and their enthusiasm around the story of Patrick and William pushed us to start Beautiful Response. 

So I’m writing this email as a pep talk for myself.

At the beginning of 2021, we set the goal of adding 100 new monthly donors. We need new monthly donors because the needs in Uganda keep growing. We don’t want to become some huge organization. We just want to meet the needs in Uganda and the most sustainable way to do that is to add new donors. 

BUT that second hundred donors is WAY harder to reach than the first hundred donors. Because the first hundred know me or Sonja or Patrick or Laura. YOU are that first group of donors who has given faithfully. Some for a decade, others for a few years. You’re the group who has first hand knowledge of how incredible Patrick and William are and how amazing their work is. But the second hundred is tough. And it is REALLY tough if you don’t ever tell anyone that you started a non-profit and that they can give money to invest in vulnerable kids who are becoming leaders in their communities. 

I still believe in RUHU. I believe as much today as I did a decade ago that you can’t get a better return on your money than giving to the work of RUHU. The staff and kids in Uganda are truly incredible and it is an absolute honor to support them and tell their story. And, it’s even an honor to ask people to support them financially. 

Alright, now I’m going to go and write to a bunch of people who aren’t on this email list that they should consider being donors. I got this. If someone comes to mind and you don’t mind passing along the word that we’re looking for new donors, that would be incredible.

Grace and Peace,


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