What’s Happening at RUHU – November 2017 Update from Patrick

We thank God for this past month! As an organization we have seen many great things and have been busy with a lot of activities with the children, volunteers and staff. Our volunteers de-wormed and immunized all of the daycare and orphanage children. Desks were also repaired and new ones made in order to improve how the children were sitting and to make the learning environment more conducive. Beds were repaired by the volunteers as well.Due to the increase in the number of vulnerable people coming to us needing our help, RUHU started the “Saving Project”.  This project is aimed at equipping parents in the community with the knowledge and tools for saving money to make a difference in their family’s lives.

We continue to provide our Kisenyi Slum outreach every Tuesday and Thursday. We have had a lot of challenges in the slums with many older kids being killed, left injured, or suffering from a major sickness. Please continue to pray for these kids! This month a 13 year old girl, Barbra, was raped. She is in bad condition and we ask that you pray for her.

Our entire staff was able to attend the 2 day Truth Connect conference at Ana Presbyterian Church. The emphasis of the conference was to equip the staff with leadership skills. Staff also made school visits to check on the well-being of the children living at boarding schools. It was great seeing all of the kids again! They are happy and doing well. They are also excited to be coming back home soon for holiday. Please continue to pray for our S4 kids as they are in the midst of exams and our P7 students will be starting their exams soon.

This year at the RUHU Day School the kids will sit for their national exams for the first time! This is a huge achievement for the school and RUHU in general. When we started we never dreamed this would be possible. With God’s help and your support these kids, who would have not been educated, are receiving an education. We thank you very much for your help making this happen! Please continue to pray for these kids!

Love, Patrick


Honey – A Sponsor’a Story

Lamunye, also known as “Honey” is the boy we sponsor. I have had the privilege of seeing Honey three times. The first time this shy skinny boy had just arrived at RUHU. He told the story of living on the streets, hearing about Patrick and RUHU but being afraid that Patrick, like others he had heard about, would really end up hurting him. But then Honey was arrested for being a homeless boy on the streets; and had he not escaped, he most likely would have been forced to work in sugar cane fields as a prisoner for years. He decided to seek out Patrick and go to RUHU. He knows God rescued him. 

As his sponsor, we pay for his schooling. Although older than most boys in his class, he applied himself and soon caught up and has excelled in school. With my two returning visits I have seen this boy turn into a young man. He helps so much around the orphanage. The younger children look up to him. He plays soccer, loves God and has a beautiful gentle spirit. How blessed are we to be a part of this redemptive story. 

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