What the Year Brought Us

2021 brought us another year of uncertainty, disruptions, and challenges. It also brought us generosity, perseverance, and growth.

It showed us that people will still choose to be generous, despite struggles and difficulties. We exceeded $600,000 in gifts for the second year in a row. We anticipated a decline in giving after a record year in 2020 and thought that perhaps this would be the year that programs in Uganda or Haiti would need to be cut. But your generous support continued to flow in. Thank you!

2021 ushered in new ways that the work of our partner, Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU), “raised hope”. When schools shut down for another year in June, RUHU didn’t shut down, it dug in and gritted its teeth and went to work. RUHU pivoted to provide wholistic, educational instruction for the kids as they dealt with the emotional toil that another year out of school was having on them. The Beautiful Response community responded and raised over $67,000 in funds to support these programs. 

It’s easy to be resentful of another year that caused so much despair. But it has never been a greater privilege to be in the business of responding beautifully. Thank you for helping to provide hope in 2021. 

With gratitude,
Caleb, Sonja, and Laura

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