What Does it Cost?

​What does it cost to run an orphanage in Uganda? We just wired money to Uganda for their June budget. We send money for tuition three times each year (January, April, August). In between those months we send money for the general operating expenses of Raising up Hope in Uganda. We didn’t have quite enough money in our bank account to meet all of the needs for June since the April tuition costs cleaned us out. Things just add up! To give you a sense of the monthly budget, I’ve listed out a few of the expenses.

Food (rice/plantain/flour): $553.51
Sauce (mainly beans): $346.22
Other Food (salt, sugar, fruits, vegetables): $313.24
Breakfast (porridge for a few hundred kids everyday): $384.32
Firewood: $151.35

Who would have thought about firewood? Every meal requires it in Uganda. Several years ago, we purchased more efficient ovens, but the cost of firewood still adds up. Each month we need to send $150. Want to sponsor the firewood each month? The house mommas would love that!

Medical expenses: $270.27  (OFTEN MORE!)
Administrative supplies (paper, pens, printing, etc.): $219.73
Feminine Products: $67.57
Transportation: $81.08
Communication (cell phone cost): $27.03
Social Worker Budget: $67.57
Water: $27.03
Electric Bill: $43.24

Staff costs are about $1,000 each month.

The Village of Hope budget is about $1,200.00 which covers some of the slum outreach and provides for the young men living out at the Village of Hope.

The RUHU Primary School is about $1,000/month.

In total, the monthly operating budget is about $6,000. As I mentioned above, we were short this month. It is up to Patrick, William, and the staff to discern what gets cut. Unfortunately, there are no frivolous budget items. This budget is not exaggerating the expenses of any items. Every time we don’t have enough money in the bank, we know it is going to affect the children directly.

If there is a need on this list that you think you could meet, or if there is a business or friend who might be willing to help us meet these needs, please consider connecting with us. We’d love to make sure that we have the funds to meet every single need that the kids in Uganda have.

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