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We need to raise $100,000 in July this year. We are going to raise $100,000! We’re on our way, and with the support of the Beautiful Response community, we’re confident we can reach this ambitious goal. The past few summers, we’ve needed to raise support in July and we’re in the same situation this year. Below is a summary of what this funding is for. Take a look through and see if there is something you care about…

Quality Christian High School Education

In August, we need to send funds for RUHU’s Secondary School so that they can pay their teachers, feed the students, and meet all of the educational needs of a high school. The RUHU Secondary School provides a Christian high school education for students who would otherwise likely not be able to attend high school. Can you imagine the difference it makes?

If you care about Christian High School education, consider a gift this July to help us fund the RUHU Secondary School.

Elementary School for kids 4yrs-12yrs

The RUHU Primary School starts with little ones aged 4-5. On the upper end, Primary 7 students prepare for their national exams. Teachers at the Primary School show up early to prep their classrooms. They teach on a tight budget with very limited resources. The kids walk from nearby communities to receive an education that WE make possible. Consider helping fund the RUHU Primary School.

Workforce Training

On Laura’s most recent trip to Uganda, she was able to connect us to workforce training facilitated by an organization called YARID. YARID was begun by refugees to assist refugees. One of their flagship programs is a job training course that has proven to be very effective at creating connections, confidence, and competence. This is an answer to prayer for our kids who are navigating the real world of finding gainful employment.

The program runs quarterly in different locations but requires that we support kids with costs for meals and transport. The course itself is free (!) but there are still costs to send our kids. If the course can help them find meaningful work, it is worth every penny. Consider sending $100 to help us cover these costs.

Empowering Ugandan Youth

At the end of the day, Beautiful Response is about listening, responding, and empowering. We’ll support the work of RUHU as much, and as well as we can. This July, we ask you to consider making a gift to help us meet the needs of the kids in Uganda. With your support, we will reach our goal.



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