We’re Proud of What We Don’t Do

Did you know that the RUHU kids are working on a music album?
Neither did I! I can’t tell you…

I can’t tell you how many songs are on it or when it will be available. Apparently they have a couple of tracks already recorded!

A couple of times each year, I’ll see something on Facebook about a project that RUHU has undertaken that I had NO idea about. Those are exciting moments for me. Seeing the creativity and ingenuity of the kids and staff of RUHU unleashed is exactly why Beautiful Response exists. We are so grateful whenever that happens and almost always, it happens WITHOUT us!

Of course there is a human part of us that always wants to be involved, and even in control. But Beautiful Response was started to resource and empower Ugandan leaders and kids. Which means that we are careful to NOT do a lot of things. We don’t make programming decisions for RUHU. We don’t tell them who to hire or how to care for the kids. They don’t need us for any of that. 

We get the tremendous privilege of resourcing their creativity and hard work. And pretty soon, it sounds like we’ll get to listen to the music they’re producing! Thanks for helping us support their work!


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