We’re Back!

Last week, my daughter Maya, my mother-in-law Lori, and I traveled to Uganda to visit RUHU for the first time in nearly 3 years.

We got to spend time with the 50+ staff members, see hundreds of kids, visit the RUHU Primary and Secondary Schools, and visit the projects that RUHU is facilitating in the slums. 

I left Uganda with a deep sense of gratitude for all the work of the staff at RUHU and with a profound sense of honor. I still cannot believe that I get the honor of representing the hundreds of supporters who fund the work of RUHU. I still can’t believe that I get to be friends and partners with such incredible people in Uganda. I would love to show you more pictures, tell a few stories, and share some of the new needs with you. 

This Sunday (February 27) at 7pm Central, I will be hosting a Zoom call to share more about our trip. The link is below and the password you need to enter the call is “Uganda”. I would love for anyone interested in the work of RUHU to join. There is so much to celebrate and there is so much good work ahead of us! 


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