Weathering the Storm

This past month marked the ten year anniversary of our partnership with RUHU. It wasn’t what I hoped it would be. Ten years ago, I would have imagined that making it 10 years in partnership with Patrick and William would be celebrated with a party, a huge fundraiser, or waves of emotion. In ten years, I thought we would have smoothed out the bumps and gained a clear vision of what the next few years would look like.

​Honestly, the past few months have been some of the most frustrating of the past decade. The coronavirus and subsequent lockdown has made communication difficult. We’ve felt in the dark (as has RUHU) about whether the kids will be attending school anytime soon. There have not been many “wins” and there have been some “losses”. 

We were supposed to be in Uganda this spring celebrating a decade of shared ministry with the kids that we fell in love with and have watched grow into young adults. Hopefully we’re able to be with them soon. In the meantime, pray for us as we work to survive the inconvenience of this global pandemic. Pray for RUHU as they pivot their ministries to meet the growing and changing needs of their kids and communities. 

Where We Were: 2014


The pictures above are from 2014. On the left, Sonja is standing with our first group of Seconday School students. For Secondary School, students live at the school during the acaemdic year. Living outside of RUHU’s walls was a big step for the kids. 

On the right, James stands with Herman and Dennis. James started sponsoring Herman in 2010 and got to meet him in 2014. Herman is finishing up a certificate in computer science and works part time selling shoes to help pay his bills. 


A theology of “response” was core to who we wanted to be as an organization. Responding to something is different than starting something. We started a non-profit to partner with Patrick and William as a response to the work they were already doing. We believe God is at work through people doing good all over the world, we want to respond. 

Our new campaign, RESPOND, is centered around providing the recurring monthly financial support needed to follow through on the vision of Patrick and William to run a primary and secondary school that provides an excellent education for the kids in their neighborhood who cannot afford to pay for one of the private schools. At the link below, you can partner with us to respond to what God is doing through RUHU by giving a recurring gift that supports a student, a teacher, provides a scholarship, or empowers a future leader. Click here to respond, and join our new campaign.

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