We Need to Do More

The report below was submitted by William on behalf of the RUHU executive team. They’re requesting $12,000 to support vital programming. The report paints a distressing, but unfortunately accurate picture of the vulnerability of children around the globe as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially, those living in under-resourced countries. As RUHU seeks to increase their programming and care for the children that they serve we are asking you to come alongside them in their efforts.

Covid-19 has united the world in an incredibly unique way. While it is true that everyone has struggled with the fallout of this global pandemic, it has had more serious consequences on some of the most vulnerable populations. Unfortunately, adolescent girls and boys have been among the most adversely affected and for some, life has become downright dangerous.

In Kampala, Uganda, schools have been shuttered for many months with no plans to reopen soon. Without the support system of teachers and school administrators, many girls are left vulnerable to teenage pregnancy, early childhood marriage, and gender-based violence. Covid-19 has resulted in an increased rate of school dropouts, child workers, loss of morale and motivation for school, increased prostitution, child abuse, and crime.
Teenage pregnancies, among other risk factors, are adding to the number of girls who are not in school. Even before Covid-19, there were 98 million adolescent girls worldwide who were not in school and research suggests the pandemic could add an additional 20 million. Incidence of early-childhood marriage is also on the rise as poverty caused by the pandemic has forced families to marry off their daughters to help alleviate financial burdens. In Uganda, at least 128 school-age girls have been married off in the Bulenga, Kyegegwa, Rakai, Kamira Sub-county, and Luweero Districts alone.
Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) has recognized the need for increased engagement with the adolescent girls and boys we serve and are making it our priority to reach them through psychosocial and emotional transformation.
“These numbers are heartbreaking. As an organization, we are moving into a direction of engaging these adolescent girls and boys that we have in our program so that the negative effects of lock down and Covid-19 cannot overtake them. There have been a few of our girls and boys who have fallen victims. As the Executive team of RUHU, we are saying that we need to do more to protect our children from these consequences. “We need to do more.” Interpersonal relationships are the foundation for change. We are going to mentor our girls and boys to advocate for themselves and make their communities stronger.

By provision of appropriate education and mentorship workshops, RUHU seeks to:

  1. Prevent the risk of teen pregnancy rate among our adolescents.
  2. Prevent the risk of early child marriages among the girls.
  3. Keep our children focused on their dreams, for example, becoming responsible citizens and completing their education.
  4. Prevent our children from becoming school dropouts and/or runaways from the homes.
  5. Prevent the risk of crimes that may come because of the lock down.

Strategies RUHU will implement:

  • Organize capacity building and mentorship workshops.
  • Organize advocacy activities.
  • Organize academic support through a teaching/tutoring program.
  • Involve children in recreational, academic, and vocational skills programs.
  • Increase our Care and Support services.

​RUHU continues to provide wonderful care and programming for their children and their community. However, Covid-19 has brought about unexpected consequences. The leadership and staff at RUHU realize the need to be proactive and increase the services and care they are providing in order to prevent those consequences. We are once again honored to support this amazing organization and their staff as they fight to protect the most vulnerable within their community. We are hoping to send an additional $12,000 this week to support their efforts. Please join us!

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