We Are Finally All Back…

Throughout the Pandemic, school was a big focus for us at Beautiful Response, as it was all over the world. The interruption of in-person class came near the end of 2020 Term 1, leaving students with two terms to complete.

However, the staff at RUHU did an amazing job of coordinating weekly tutoring sessions for various academic levels, ensuring students were engaged and had access to their online studies, and providing the students with structure throughout their time back at home. They went above and beyond by creating opportunities for the kids to learn a variety of vocational skills such as basket weaving, soap making, and rug making. We’re so proud of all the work and patience from each student, teacher, and staff member at RUHU during this difficult and unprecedented time.

We are also ecstatic to announce that, as of this month, all RUHU students have officially returned to in-person, full-time class!

So, what does this mean? 

This means the 2021 school year will be intense and jam-packed! The goal for 2021, as laid out by the Ugandan government and Ministry of Education, is that students will complete all 2020 school terms that were missed last year, as well as all 3 terms of their 2021 schooling. They will not be afforded the normal school breaks that they typically get in May, August, and December. Instead, they will remain in school the rest of this year to work diligently and complete all these requirements. 

Broken down, that means students have 5 terms to get through within 9-11 months (depending when they arrived back at school). Since various age groups went back at different times, there are multiple different terms going on. Some students have entered and are nearing completion of 2020 Term 3 while others have just begun 2020 Term 2. Please pray for strength, wisdom, and perseverance for all the students at RUHU!

For Beautiful Response, this means that a greater amount of school fees will have to be paid this year. In a normal year with 3 school terms, Beautiful Response sends over $200,000 to RUHU to cover student school fees. This makes up a large portion of our yearly budget for RUHU. However, if we do end up adding in an additional 2 terms, we could be looking at up to another $100,000+ in school fees. Due to the added school terms this year your support is more important than ever! We will keep you posted on our needs as the year progresses. If you would like to make a donation to support education at RUHU please use the button below.

Additionally, we have recently been informed of a few important needs at RUHU:

The Girl’s House is in need of new bunk beds and bedding as there simply aren’t enough in the house any longer and the condition of the ones remaining is poor. We’re also hoping to be able to provide funds for sitting furniture at the Boy’s House, Girl’s House, and House of Hope for the first time!

Click the link for more info and to help support this campaign!

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