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Village of Hope: Medical Clinic and Outreaches

The Village of Hope is family. Raising Up Hope's vision is to develop this property into a place that brings love, hope, and a better tomorrow for the surrounding community and children they care for. The purpose is also to unite the children and locals and encourage them to work together making their entire region a better place to live.

Set in a rural community outside of Kampala, the Village of Hope is the location of the Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) Secondary School. Foundational to the Village of Hope’s success is its positive impact on the surrounding community. The school, church, water well, and agricultural programs all benefit community members. In 2017, a plan was hatched for a new medical clinic at the Village of Hope, which would further support the kids and the surrounding community. Access to medical care is extremely limited in Bujuuko, the area around the Village of Hope. Through partnerships with medical professionals in America and New Zealand, RUHU now has a fully functional clinic that provides much-needed medical care to this area and the RUHU Secondary School students. 

Additionally, the medical team performs free medical outreaches in the slums and in various rural villages where there is limited access to medical care or medical care is not affordable. The team screens, evaluates, and treats patients; pregnant women receive Mama kits; and if someone needs hospitalization or surgery, funds raised support their hospital care and transport. All of this is possible because of donors like you.

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