Update on COVID-19

Friends and Supporters of Raising Up Hope in Uganda,

We wanted to keep you informed on how the current state of the world is affecting RUHU’s staff and kids. 

This week, Uganda’s President announced school closures and other closures similar to those happening around the world. ​

There is some fear that Covid-19 could become quite dangerous in countries where immune systems are often compromised and access to healthy, vitamin-rich foods is limited. We are praying that the virus will not spread in the global south in the same way it did in the northern hemisphere. 

There is also some hope that in warmer-climate countries like Uganda, the virus will not spread as rapidly. 

The impact on RUHU at this point has been financial. Having all of the kids at home for an extended period means the costs of food will rise. As Ugandans rush to markets to buy food (like the rest of the world did) costs for food may also rise. We’ve sent over $4,000 of emergency funds to support the staff during this season. We are in touch with Patrick about how the virus continues to affect RUHU. We would like to have the ability to continue to send additional funds as they are needed. To help us be in a financial position to help when needed, please consider making a gift below and beyond your monthly donation. Thank you very much!

Peace and Health,

Caleb (w/ Sonja & Laura)

Our Next Trip!

Unfortunately, our trip in April has been cancelled. Until we know more about how the corona virus has affected the globe, we won’t be able to put together another trip. ​


A theology of “response” was core to who we wanted to be as an organization. Responding to something is different than starting something. We started a non-profit to partner with Patrick and William as a response to the work they were already doing. We believe God is at work through people doing good all over the world, we want to respond. 

Our new campaign, RESPOND, is centered around providing the recurring monthly financial support needed to follow through on the vision of Patrick and William to run a primary and secondary school that provides an excellent education for the kids in their neighborhood who cannot afford to pay for one of the private schools. At the link below, you can partner with us to respond to what God is doing through RUHU by giving a recurring gift that supports a student, a teacher, provides a scholarship, or empowers a future leader. Click here to respond, and join our new campaign.

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