Tired. But Hopeful.

I want to tell you about our recent trip to Uganda!

Unfortunately, it was cancelled. I want to show you pictures of the kids on a recent field trip. But there are no field trips to speak of. I want to share photos of the 54 (!) kids that are attending the new RUHU Secondary School this year, but they aren’t meeting in person. 

Right now, there aren’t many photos to share. But there are still stories worth telling: Teachers at RUHU are going to student’s houses to encourage them to study and help them with their academic work. Secondary School teachers are literally calling students by phone or teaching over their parent’s speakerphone. The staff and students are incredibly creative, using whatever technology they can get their hands on to stay in touch. 

The kids are also tired. William reports that some students are asking why they should even bother with their studies. The scales were already tipped against these kids. Now with even less certainty about the future…what’s the point?

Perhaps you can relate? The world feels heavy right now. Even for someone like me with all of the advantages I have, things just feel like a slog.

And in the slog, I need my faith in a particular way. I need my faith to pull hope out of me. Working with Aunt Ellen, Teacher Jackie, and William pulls hope out of me. They’re a weekly reminder that while there is plenty of reason not to be optimistic, there is always reason to be hopeful. Optimism is grounded in guesses about the future based on how things look right now. But hope is sourced from a deeper well. 

Lastly, let me just make a request to consider making a gift or increasing your giving to Beautiful Response for the rest of 2021. There have been a variety of expenses related to the pandemic and standard operating costs. A number of regular donors have had to pull back donations, a few due to the pandemic. If you’re able to help meet that gap, it will enable RUHU to continue to meeting the gap in Uganda. 

Grace and Peace,


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