The Work Must Go On…

In 2020, we commemorated a decade of partnership between Beautiful Response and Raising Up Hope for Uganda. It also became the first year since 2010 that we did not go to Uganda.

We did not get to take new photos or videos. We didn’t get to deliver letters or send hand-written notes to sponsors. But the work went on. Perhaps in more important ways than ever, the work went on. Here are a few of the things you supported this year:

  • RUHU invested in its new primary and secondary school by upgrading gates, classrooms, bathrooms, desks, all in an effort to reopen according to the new pandemic precautions.
  • Staff hosted workshops on financial accountability and on holding onto hope in the midst of difficulty.
  • The social workers of RUHU pivoted their work to focus on using the time at home with students productively. Kids learned how to weave baskets and floor mats. They took courses in dance, music and drama.
  • Some of the students at RUHU began working this year. Dennis works part time for the Psych Department at his school. Mutyaba got a loan from RUHU to start a chapati stand and small restaurant.
  • We enrolled students at 5 different universities in Uganda.

In so many ways, RUHU was more prepared for 2020 than any of us were. When the pandemic first began to hamper “normal life”, I remember talking to Patrick on the phone. He had language for crisis and panic that I didn’t. He sounded unflappable and filled with hope. Shifting plans and meeting dire needs are first nature for the staff of RUHU. When Uganda began to shut down, one of the first things RUHU did was deliver food to those in their community who were most at risk of starving. Pressed with their own organizational needs, they did not think first of themselves, but of others around them who were hurting.

It has not been the year that we expected or wanted. But in this year of crisis, RUHU has proven its character. It is an honor to support their work.

While we saved money this year on schools fees (because schools were closed for periods of time), we also incurred large unforeseen fees. In the end, we have significant financial year-end needs. Our financial needs are large this year because the most vulnerable in Uganda have huge needs this year. We NEED to raise about $20,000 more just to cover expenses we’ve already incurred related to food, staff, sanitation, etc. But, to be honest **whispers** we’re hoping to raise $60,000 by the end of the year in order to cover expenses that NEED to be covered beginning January 2021. Don’t tell anyone. Actually, tell everyone. 

We’re all talking about 2021 like it is going to cure all ills. It isn’t. It’s going to be a tricky and frankly, an expensive year. RUHU is doing absolutely vital work that is saving lives and changing futures. A gift to Beautiful Response ensures they are able to continue this work. Thank you so much!

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