The Cost of It All

There are big expenses and little expenses, larger fees and smaller fees, higher salaries and lower salaries. But there is one thing that makes them equal–

they are all necessary and important when supporting the day-to-day work at Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU).

Our 2021 goal is to add 100 new, monthly recurring donors for RUHU by the end of the year. We know this is a lofty goal. We also know how critical achieving this goal is to ensuring we have the consistent, reliable funds needed to bolster the great work, wonderful staff, and instrumental programs at RUHU.

Last month, we took a look at the salary portion of the monthly support we send to RUHU, which accounts for roughly 50% of the budget. The other half goes to various needs across the Boys’ and Girls’ Homes, the Village of Hope, House of Hope, slum outreach, and administrative needs. Below, we outlined some of the monthly expenses we support at the RUHU Boys’ and Girls’ Homes specifically.  

  • Food (general, sauce, spices, etc.) = $1,450
  • Breakfast = $450
  • Medical Care = $285
  • Fruits/vegetables = $175
  • Firewood = $160
  • Charcoal = $115
  • Communication/Internet = $100
  • Power = $45
  • Water = $40 

Between these needs, the salaries we looked at last month, and other expenses around RUHU, the total budget that Beautiful Response provides to RUHU each month is $14,018.

The current monthly recurring support that Beautiful Response receives for these expenses is $2,971.

This leaves us with a monthly deficit of $11,047

​In a typical year, Beautiful Response runs in the red until our end of the year giving campaign. Thankfully, the tremendous generosity of our donors and supporters brings us back above water with a little extra to start out the next year. Unfortunately, we know that the end of the year push is never a guarantee, making it important that we close this gap through regular, monthly donations. When you become a monthly donor, you’re helping ensure all of the needs above, and more, are covered each month. 

We truly are so incredibly grateful for the support you’ve shown RUHU–whether through prayer, monthly donations, or your end of the year gift. However, the need is great and we’ve been called to answer it. Would you please continue to pray about and consider joining us through monthly donations, if you don’t already give to RUHU through Beautiful Response? And if you do already donate monthly, thank you! Would you then consider the possibility of increasing your donation size each month to help further support RUHU? Or perhaps you have a friend or family member whom you could ask to join you in supporting RUHU?

Whether you decide to give $40/month to cover water expenses or $285/month to provide medical care, or you increase your monthly donation by $20/month, or you spread the word about RUHU to friends and family, your support is truly a blessing.

With gratitude for all the ways you support us,

Laura Hoekstra
Program Director

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