Thank You

In our last email we asked for your help raising $25,000.

Within 48 hours, we had reached our goal.

I’m having a hard time coming up with the right words to describe what that means. 

In the midst of a pandemic and a divisive cultural moment, good news feels like an unfamiliar but welcome guest. 

Beautiful Response was created on the hopeful conviction that people are good. There are people in every country, every community, of every race and language working for good in their communities. We also believed that there were good people with resources who would choose to be generous when given the chance. You continue to prove that thesis right. 

Thank you.

2020 marks 10 years of partnership with Raising Up Hope for Uganda. Each month we’re highlighting a year of ministry. This month, we look back at 2017.

The most significant change for Beautiful Response in 2017 was Laura Hoekstra shifting from position as a board member for Beautiful Response to being our Program Director. Laura has been keeping Beautiful Response on track and moving forward for the past three years. She has not only shouldered the responsibility of running the organization, she has also spurred growth and made substantial improvements to our overall effectiveness as an organization. ​


A theology of “response” was core to who we wanted to be as an organization. Responding to something is different than starting something. We started a non-profit to partner with Patrick and William as a response to the work they were already doing. We believe God is at work through people doing good all over the world, we want to respond. 

Our new campaign, RESPOND, is centered around providing the recurring monthly financial support needed to follow through on the vision of Patrick and William to run a primary and secondary school that provides an excellent education for the kids in their neighborhood who cannot afford to pay for one of the private schools. At the link below, you can partner with us to respond to what God is doing through RUHU by giving a recurring gift that supports a student, a teacher, provides a scholarship, or empowers a future leader.

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