Surprises along the Way

The last month has been incredibly encouraging. My last update was dour. The pandemic has made a variety of things frustrating.  The disruption in our routine forced us to rethink the way we support and communicate with RUHU. As a result, we’ve been more in touch with staff in Uganda than ever before. The wonders of technology have allowed us to have long, clear conversations to work through significant issues.

The disruption in our routine first caused chaos and frustration. Now, we’re hopeful that it results in a more efficient, effective, and compassionate relationship between Beautiful Response and RUHU. 

Provision and progress in the midst of chaos has been a theme for the past 10 years. Because this is our 10 year anniversary of ministry with RUHU, we are looking back at all ten years. In 2015 God provided miraculously when Teacher Jackie came to RUHU out of nowhere. 

The RUHU day school was in desperate need of leadership and support as Patrick and William were pulled in too many directions. Teacher Jackie had a comfortable job teaching at an upper class elementary school. She made good money, had a good schedule, and had every right to stay there. But she felt God leading her to use her incredible gifts as a teacher and administrator in new ways. ​

She met Patrick, heard about the work RUHU’s school was endeavoring to do with vulnerable kids and joined RUHU at great expense to herself. Less money, more work, difficult circumstances. She still said yes. 

Today, she is a pillar of RUHU. She is working towards completing a degree that will allow her to advance her career in educational administration and is doing so with RUHU in mind. 

Jackie has been an endless source of joy, energy, and leadership. She has incredibly high expectations of her students and staff and leads by example. When I met her the first time, I was a bit dumbfounded that someone who fit RUHU’s culture so perfectly fell into our lap. The truth is, she didn’t fall into our laps. God’s Spirit prompted her, she responded in faithfulness, and was called to an important work at RUHU. 

Time and again, chaos and frustration produce hope and perseverance. We’re hopeful that the rest of this chaotic 2020 will produce the same. ​


A theology of “response” was core to who we wanted to be as an organization. Responding to something is different than starting something. We started a non-profit to partner with Patrick and William as a response to the work they were already doing. We believe God is at work through people doing good all over the world, we want to respond. 

Our new campaign, RESPOND, is centered around providing the recurring monthly financial support needed to follow through on the vision of Patrick and William to run a primary and secondary school that provides an excellent education for the kids in their neighborhood who cannot afford to pay for one of the private schools. At the link below, you can partner with us to respond to what God is doing through RUHU by giving a recurring gift that supports a student, a teacher, provides a scholarship, or empowers a future leader.

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