Shocked and Grateful

I used the header “Feeling Desperate” in the last email I sent out to you at the beginning of June.

It was an accurate description of how we felt at the time. At the beginning of May we were easily six digits into the red and we weren’t sure how we would crawl out of that hole during the summer months. 

In the last two months so many people have responded. You gave enough to get us back on track after being off track by 6-digits. I don’t know that we would have said this was possible two months ago when we were seriously thinking about programming cuts.

Why does this actually matter? It matters for so many reasons. But on the phone the other day as we were discussing the July budgets with Patrick and William, it came up that some school expenses had exceeded budget projections. Two students are pursuing medical degrees and one student needed an unforeseen term to finish his certificate in plumbing. The Beautiful Response board was able to approve the overages to cover the necessary expenses for those students to pursue their medical/plumbing certificates because of your generosity this summer. That feels like an exaggeration or perhaps a bit trifling. But students stop studying or get delayed by years because they can’t afford the proper equipment or the final tuition payment all the time. It puts a life on hold. Two months ago, we could not have approved those expenses. 

That’s just one small example of why responding beautifully and generously really does change things for the kids in Uganda. Thank you for partnering with us. 


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