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Scholarship Program

185 students are currently enrolled in our scholarship program. These students are the most vulnerable children and youth in the community, but they are also the students with potential to consistently work and succeed. Under Ticarme's leadership the program has grown from 40 students to 185, with many more on the wait list.

We celebrate that 20 students have graduated from Technical College or University. They are serving and working in their community as teachers, mechanics, dress design and seamstress, electricians, accountants and interpreters.
Ticarme and her board vet the schools the students attend. They also follow up consistently on each student’s progress. The schools recognize which students are in the HTY program and alert our staff if they see a student is struggling and in need of additional assistance.
These students will tell you that HTY is not a program, it is a family. We celebrate that despite the incredible challenges and suffering we continue to send students to school. 

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