RUHU Volunteer Series – Randy and Diane

Randy and Diane Posthuma recently returned from volunteering in Uganda for 11 days, but their support of Beautiful Response (BR) reaches back much further. After being introduced to BR and Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) at Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Waupun by BR’s co-founder Caleb Schut, Randy and Diane’s daughter Alyssa took her first trip to RUHU at just 18 years old. A few years later, in 2015, Diane joined Alyssa, and 8 other women on a trip to RUHU, and “fell in love with these kids and this wonderful ministry”.

When asked why they felt called to go and volunteer this time around, Diane expressed how eager she and Alyssa had been to give Randy a first-hand look at what had captured their hearts. Randy and Diane have been longtime supporters of BR and RUHU but after this trip, Randy stated, “Now, I’m all in.” The needs at RUHU definitely become more real after you see them in person.

During their time in Uganda, they were able to visit and spend time at many of the programs RUHU offers including the boy’s and girl’s homes, the primary school, the secondary school and medical clinic, House of Hope, Muwala Mulungi, the farm, and slum outreaches. Diane and Alyssa, both nurses, were able to do some health teachings and some physicals and Randy was able to help with some painting projects. But most importantly, they did their favorite thing, “simply love on the kids! You will have some that just reach your heart in a special way!”

During their trip, they were blessed to stay at the volunteer house and were transported each day to their activities in a van. The house mother prepared breakfast and dinner for them each day. They were able to spend time with the child that they sponsor and were even able to take her shopping! At the end of their trip, the kids put on a farewell ceremony for them, filled with songs, dancing, and testimonials, “their gratitude and loving hearts are such a blessing”.

Reflecting on her experience, Diane expressed how amazed she was by the changes RUHU has undergone in the last 9 years. Both were impressed by the great work being done by the teachers, social worker, and accountant! Randy (a previous general manager of a utilities/water management company) reflected on his concern with the lack of basic sanitation and how much we take those basic rights for granted.

Wondering if volunteering at RUHU is a good fit for you. Here’s what Randy and Diane have to say – “This is a great ministry that is helping so many orphaned and underprivileged children have a chance in life. And they so appreciate it and don’t take it for granted! Your heart will be touched by them and although you may have come to bless them, you will walk away blessed beyond measure! It is also a great opportunity to have your eyes opened to the poverty that is present in other parts of our world and to be reminded of all the many things that we take for granted. And yet, amidst the poverty, these children have great joy and love for God and each other.”

Does this experience sound like something you are interested in? Are you feeling called to visit and witness the remarkable work happening in Uganda at RUHU? Do you have questions or want to learn more? Check out some of our past volunteer spotlights on the BR blog, or email Laura at for more information.

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