RUHU Volunteer Series – Hannah

Hannah (Bresser) Olszewski took her first trip to Uganda in 2015. She was introduced to Beautiful Response and RUHU through the annual chili supper, a fellow volunteer, and BR’s executive director. Hannah, like many of RUHU’s other volunteers, had participated in several state-side mission trips but she knew this would be a life-changing opportunity and she wanted the chance to experience a new culture. When asked about why she decided to go she reflected “to give a little bit of myself, since I’ve been blessed with so much”. 

During her ten-day trip, Hannah had the chance to experience many aspects of RUHU, including the girls’ and boys’ homes, the day school/daycare (this was before RUHU had its own primary school), Village of Hope, and slum outreach. Each day brought new and exciting experiences, but her fondest memories were of spending time with the kids in the homes, reading with them, painting their nails, braiding their hair, and simply letting them just be kids. She noted, “Sometimes the simplest moments are the greatest memories”. Reflecting on her experience, Hannah said, “It was incredibly eye-opening to see how grateful all of the kids are for the chance to attend school. I think that’s something we really take for granted in the US”. 

Her parting advice for those considering volunteering at RUHU is to go for it but to be prepared for a piece of your heart to stay there and for your life to be changed for the better. “I can’t say enough good things about my experience at RUHU. I’m so glad I had the opportunity and still can’t wait to go back someday”.

So, to those whose hearts are touched by RUHU’s amazing work, would you consider going? Whether you’re thinking of going for the first time, or are itching to go back, reach out to We’d love to connect with you!

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