RUHU Trip Day Five!


We started day five worshiping in Kikonge at one of RUHU’s three churches that Beautiful Response supports. The congregation was happy that we chose to worship with them and so grateful for the support they receive. Their one request was that the Muwala Mulungi program be introduced in their community, having seen the positive impact it has had in other areas. They believe it could transform the lives of many in their congregation and the community as a whole.


After leaving Kikonge, we were off to visit the university students which was particularly enjoyable for me as my daughter, Mackenzie, is also a university student. We engaged in discussions on various aspects of life, including their studies, future plans, fears, struggles, and achievements. We also had the opportunity to see where some of them studied and lived. The students were excited to have us visit and proud to show us around. This experience was one of the best parts of my trip but also served as a stark reminder of how vital RUHU, Beautiful Response, and our donors are in supporting these children. Without all of us, these students would have no opportunity to receive an education. I am deeply proud of these students and incredibly thankful that they have been given hope and provided with a foundation and education for future success. I pray that you recognize the tremendous impact that your support is having and that you continue to provide this hope and opportunity to other vulnerable children who would otherwise never receive it. 


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