RUHU Primary School

Primary School = Elementary and Middle School. In Uganda, the establishment of UPE (Universal Primary Education) was supposed to guarantee that all children would receive a free primary education.

Unfortunately, lack of teacher proficiency, teacher absenteeism (due to lack of payment from the government), and overcrowding resulted in poor quality education. Poverty also continued to limit access to primary education for many children due to costs that were not covered, but still required, for a child to attend school (i.e., uniform, school supplies, etc.). The Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) Primary School started in 2017 and has become a community of hope for RUHU kids and kids from the surrounding community who would otherwise not be in school. If you have a passion for education, we are looking for support on behalf of the RUHU Primary School. Read more below.

Program Name: Raising Up Hope Primary School

Program Lead: Jackie Nanyonjo

Program Description: The Raising Up Hope (RUHU) Primary School serves 260 students from RUHU’s programs along with children from the surrounding Nakawadde community. The Primary School is a vital institution because it provides excellent academic opportunities for students who otherwise would not have an opportunity to study. It also aims to provide each student with daily breakfast and lunch. For many of the kids, these are the only meals they will eat. Currently, the school has a nursery section and P1 through P7 classes. They have been approved for a P7 boarding section and aim to add it as soon as funding will allow.

The Primary School meets students’ academic, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs by providing a supportive environment with teachers who are committed to excellence. The staff is led by Jackie Nanyonjo (Teacher Jackie to a lot of you:). A dedicated group of 20 teachers and support staff make the RUHU Primary School a leading academic institution.

Current Program Needs:

  • Monthly food increase ​(to ensure 2 meals/day for all students) – $515
  • Water taps – $570
  • P7 Boarding section – $35,000

Caleb’s Personal Reflection: Today, the RUHU Primary School serves hundreds of kids from the community who wear the red and blue checkered uniform with pride. There’s no silver bullet in development. The closest thing we have is education. 

Education at RUHU began with William and Patrick dividing the kids up into two groups to teach them whatever English or Math they remembered from school. Beginning in 2010 we raised money to send the RUHU kids to real schools, but during the day, kids from the community flocked to RUHU for William and Patrick or Mama Allen to teach them. Eventually, Patrick and William decided that RUHU needed to grow into a full-fledged school. Today, it has preschoolers and kids taking their entrance exams for Secondary School. It has an administration, teaching staff, a nurse, security guards, a seamstress, and cooks. 

The work done at the RUHU Primary School is vital. Education through the RUHU Primary School meets the physical, spiritual, and academic needs of hundreds of kids. It is paving the way for a bright and better future.

Total Cost: $36,885

Current Support: $0

Donations Needed to Fully Cover
Current Program Needs
: $36,885

Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) began as one home with a reach into the slums. Today, it has over 10 programs. Each program meets unique needs, is led by a Ugandan Program Lead, and has its own budget and reports. Throughout 2022 we will be highlighting several of these programs one at a time. We ask that you pray for that program, and, if you feel drawn to a particular program, consider supporting it with your ongoing prayers and finances. In this way, we hope you’ll become more familiar with what RUHU does, who does it, and how you can support their great work. 

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