Raising Up Hope Secondary School

Secondary School = High School. In Uganda, high school isn’t a guarantee.

Poverty and geography limit access to secondary education for many children. The Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) Secondary School started in 2020 and has become a community of hope for RUHU kids and kids from the villages nearby. But it has serious needs. Please read more about the secondary school and how you can support it.

Program Name: Raising Up Hope Secondary School

Program Lead: Mr. James Mboowa

Program Description: The Raising Up Hope Secondary School serves as many as 100 students from RUHU’s programs along with children from the Bujuuko area who are not able to travel to schools further away. The Secondary School is a vital institution because it provides excellent academic opportunities for students who otherwise would not have an opportunity to study. Currently, the school has S1, S2, and S3 classes. They aim to add S4 classes in 2023.

The Secondary School meets the academic, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of students by providing a supportive community of students and teachers all committed to excellence. The staff is led by Mr. James Mboowa. A dedicated group of 26 teachers, house moms, and security guards make the RUHU secondary school an incredibly special place with wonderful camaraderie.

​Current Program Needs:
Borehole repair – $1,150
Solar Wiring for Power – $1,000
Beds/Mosquito Nets – $1,000
Water tanks – $685

Caleb’s Personal Reflection: The RUHU Secondary School opened in January of 2020. I was never sure of how RUHU would manage to start their very own high school and prior to my recent trip, I had never visited it. I expected to find a haphazard school trying to figure out who they were and how to develop into a full-fledged school. What I discovered when I walked onto the land in Bujuuko was a school with all of the enthusiasm and high standards of a top-notch school. I’ve visited a lot of secondary schools in Uganda, and while the RUHU school doesn’t have all of the infrastructure of some of the other schools, it does have the work ethic, pride, and joy of any of the best schools I’ve seen. 
I was blown away by the staff’s enthusiasm for their work, their commitment, and the joy they shared between themselves and their students. I was amazed by the leadership of the student body who gave me a tour and pleaded with me to raise funds for water tanks, electricity, and fencing. I was so impressed with what the RUHU school has been able to accomplish in 2 years of life during the pandemic and I’m so excited to see what they’ll accomplish in the years to come.

Total Cost: $3,835

Current Support: $0

Donations Needed to Fully Cover
Current Program Needs
: $3,835

In addition to our current program needs Beautiful Response also provides ongoing support to the RUHU Secondary School. This support is provided to the Secondary School every school term (3x/year) and willtotal $72,780 in 2022. Below is a breakdown of that financial support. Any support with these ongoing needs is greatly appreciated!

  • Staff salaries/rent – $13,400/term ($3,350/month)
  • RUHU student classroom supplies, textbooks, uniforms/shoes/bags – $5,285/term ($1,320/month)
  • RUHU student boarding supplies and upkeep – $3,430/term ($860/month)
  • Food and related expenses – $2,145/term ($540/month)

Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) began as one home with a reach into the slums. Today, it has over 10 programs. Each program meets unique needs, is led by a Ugandan Program Lead, and has its own budget and reports. Throughout 2022 we will be highlighting several of these programs one at a time. We ask that you pray for that program, and, if you feel drawn to a particular program, consider supporting it with your ongoing prayers and finances. In this way, we hope you’ll become more familiar with what RUHU does, who does it, and how you can support their great work. 

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