Pressing On

In our most recent email, we shared a letter from William about Uganda’s latest lockdown. In that letter, William sounds

as frustrated and despondent as he gets. William is a naturally joyful and hopeful person, so to hear the angst and fatigue in his voice was jarring, and really urged me to pray for him and the rest of the RUHU staff.

But the kids and staff of RUHU have once again found creative and ingenious ways to enjoy one another, better themselves and the RUHU family, and make the most out of a tiring situation. The pictures below were sent by William over the past week or two. You can follow William Bukenya on Facebook to see some of the images of how they’ve managed to overcome during this time. 

Above, the kids receive a safety demonstration about fire. In the first photo below, kids are learning to bind and create books. They also learned how to weave floor mats (photo 2). During the pandemic work is being done on the RUHU primary school as well as on the main house. In the fourth photo, a student is collecting their share of food and other essentials that were purchased and made available to university and certificate program students who live independently. And finally mattresses and bunk bed frames were purchased for the Jireh House (Girl’s House).

Donors from across the country made all of these activities and improvements possible. But it was the creativity, energy, and perseverance of the kids and staff that made them a reality. I am so encouraged by the endurance and hope on display in the RUHU family. They are bearing witness to the love and steadfastness of God by the way they press on in difficult circumstances. Keep them in your prayers as they keep us in theirs. 

Grace and Peace,


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