Prayers for 2019

We wanted to share with you some of the things we are praying for in 2019.

  • For the students who have struggled academically and are venturing into vocational training. Many of these students haven’t watched adults or parents walk through this life transition, so it can be scary!
  • For students who are moving into upper grades or on to University. Many of these students are the first of their generation to go to primary school, secondary school, and now to University. This is a scary and unsure step for them. 
  • For the growing staff of RUHU. The staff of RUHU is now at 25 people. As they share this important work, the resources of a small organization, and their stresses, we are praying that they will communicate well, love each other well, and thrive!
  • For the unknown people and issues that will arise. Each year there are children that are brought into the life of RUHU that we don’t anticipate. There are also always challenges that require both wisdom and resources. 
  • As always, we are also praying for the continued resources to meet all of the needs of a growing organization in Uganda. 

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