Here is the fourth testimony in our series…What “more” is doing.

Last month we shared with you RUHU’s goal to “do more” in response to the heartbreaking situations children, especially those in under-resourced countries, are experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was RUHU’s goal to increase their programming and care of the children that they serve through academic coaching and mentorship workshops. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing personal testimonies from children at RUHU that talk about how Covid has affected their lives, and their thoughts about the impact of the coaching opportunities and workshops being provided by RUHU. 

At this time, Uganda does not plan to re-open schools until January 2022. Beautiful Response is looking to provide an additional $29,000 to support RUHU as they continue to provide vital resources and education to protect these children from further negative effects. As you read their stories please consider donating to support these needs. Thank you!

Hello, I am Peter and am currently in senior five though I would be in senior six. I am among the boys who live at RUHU and am proud of it.

First and foremost, I want to thank God for the wonderful parents he has given to us such as Daddy William, Daddy Patrick, Social workers, and mamas among others because they have done great work in our lives. We have faced a lot of problems in life but our RUHU parents have worked hard to create opportunities for us in order to learn from our mistakes. One of the things is that they have set up and organized wonderful workshops that have enabled us to learn about many life issues and how to deal with them. Since it is Covid-19 period, many children outside have gotten married, others forced into child labour, others have completely dropped out of school and poverty is in many families. But it is not the case with RUHU children because our social workers and mamas have been there to counsel and guide us in the right path.

The workshop organized by RUHU parents has also changed and shaped our minds and attitudes positively and it’s hard to move on a journey without a role-model. In this case, RUHU social workers, directors, and motivational speakers have greatly worked hard towards changing our attitudes, directing us to character transformation.

In addition to the above, Daddy William and Daddy Patrick have created us a coaching/study program so that we are gaining and not left behind. Indeed, we have come to realize that nothing is impossible in life if one is given guidance and we have gained hope for tomorrow and confidence to achieve our dreams.

Conclusively, I thank RUHU directors for considering us as their own children. We have been shaped into the good people we are today and the workshop organized has done us good. I request that the workshop continues because we still need guidance, God bless you all.

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