My Recent Trip to Uganda

I didn’t take many pictures on my most recent trip to Uganda. Most of my pictures are of receipts, contracts, and other documents that I poured over with William and the Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) Board members. But below is one of Ibra and Jordan. These two boys came to RUHU as infants and have spent their childhood being raised by the RUHU family. They’re attending school at the RUHU Primary School. Jordan has a chipped front tooth. He says it doesn’t hurt him, but that kids tease him about it. He asked me if we could get it fixed. I told him I would look into it.

Ibra and Jordan


This is Meddy. You can probably tell that he doesn’t love that I make him take a picture with me each trip. But Laura has sponsored him for a decade and I know she’ll be disappointed if I saw him but didn’t get a picture. Meddy is one of the first kids that Sonja and I met. He’s a young man now, and I barely recognized him when I saw him. He’s in S2 at the RUHU Vocational and Secondary School.


This is Faridah. On one of my first trips, I remember walking to church with her while she told me that she wanted to be a singer. She is entering S6 right now, her final year of Secondary School. I reminded her of our conversation about being a singer and she told me that she wants to study law at University. She reassured me that she plans to work part-time while she goes to school.

On my trip, I met with accountants and auditors to talk through updated financial policies and procedures to ensure that funds are getting from Beautiful Response to the kids that we intend to support. I met with the RUHU Board to ensure that there is transparency, accountability, and support for the growing staff of RUHU. I met with the staff to thank them for their work in what was a difficult 2022, and I encouraged them by saying that I believe 2023 will be better.

Every meeting was important and necessary. But along the way, there were reminders of why we do it. The funds that Beautiful Response sends are absolutely vital and absolutely life-changing. No one else is making sure Faridah can pursue her dreams. No one else is funding the work of the Primary School Staff which enables children in the community to have affordable education. Your gifts to Beautiful Response absolutely stand in the gap for these kids. Thank you!

Peace, Caleb

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