Lockdown 2.0

Unfortunately, Uganda is returning to a lockdown as cases of Covid rise in a second, and more serious, wave of illness across the country. Schools and religious gatherings

have been suspended for 6 weeks. Teachers and students were sent home again and school administrators will need to sort out how to accommodate for this recent stoppage.

The staff and students of RUHU are resilient, but the news of another lockdown is a difficult blow to absorb. In an exchange with William, I sense his despondency and frustration. The back and forth has created an uncertainty that feels untenable for the staff. Having gone through a year of the same pandemic, we can relate. Unfortunately, Uganda, like much of the world is somewhere around 2% vaccinated. While we experience the benefits of a well-disseminated vaccine, Ugandans wait. It may be the next calendar year before Uganda could hope to see the same effects.

We’re still trying to understand what this week’s announcement means for RUHU. School terms that were already postponed from 2020 will now be pushed back further. We will certainly need to send additional support for food while all the kids are at home. We will be in touch about those specific needs soon.

Pray for the teachers and students who face another disruption in their academic year. Pray for RUHU staff who have to find more emotional and creative energy to care for the kids at home. Pray for the leadership at RUHU as they lead the organization through another draining lockdown. 

Thanks for standing with them. Peace,


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