Laura’s Trip to Uganda

I’m heading back to RUHU for the first time since 2019! COVID upended my plan to return in 2020 and subsequent years. An Ebola outbreak forced me to postpone my 2022 trip. It has been 4 years since I have seen the kids at RUHU. I’m not sure I will recognize some of them; they grow up so fast. I miss their smiling faces!

I look forward to reconnecting with the kids and the staff while I am there. On my trip, I will meet with the RUHU accountant and our personal auditor to verify accountabilities and ensure financial policies and procedures are being followed. I will meet with the RUHU Board to continue to foster a strong partnership, transparency, and support for the RUHU staff. I will meet with the RUHU staff to thank them for their work and encourage them as they continue to adjust to updated policies and procedures. I will visit the many RUHU sites and programs to witness the great work done throughout RUHU.

But what I look forward to most of all is seeing the kids; hearing about what life has been like for them over the past 4 years; hearing about their struggles and accomplishments; spending time encouraging them, praying for them, and loving on them.

While I am there I would love to bless them with some much-needed necessities that are outside of our current budget. The hope is to raise $8,500 to purchase 10 bunk beds, 20 mattresses, 50 blankets and bed sheets, 100 mosquito nets, toys and play equipment for the children at House of Hope, printers for the RUHU office and Primary school, a laptop, and clothing for the kids.

It is your generosity that will make this possible! Please consider making a gift to bless these kids!

Thank you,


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