July 2018 Update

The kids in Uganda are taking their final break of the 2018 school year. They will come home from their boarding schools and return to the beds that they grew up in. They will relax, play games, and prepare for the final stretch of the school year.

For us, this means that the last installment of 2018’s tuition is due. August is always a nerve-racking month. We check the bank account almost daily, hoping we’ll hit 40K, the amount needed for the full payment for the 85+ kids that we are sending to school. If you are in a season of life financially where you are able to help us meet this goal, we’d be honored and grateful for you to consider helping us meet the final tuition payment of 2018. 

This summer has brought some significant changes at RUHU due to new government regulations that were implemented across all of Uganda. We were able to raise significant funds through generous donors. Those funds have been put to use in the following ways: 
1) Providing temporary housing for boys while repairs are being made on the orphanage.
2) Scheduling and holding meetings with officers to ensure that RUHU passes all government inspections with flying colors. 
3) Renovations have been made to the boy’s house, including a new storage building.
4) Repairs were made to the girl’s house. That house has subsequently been used by the government as an example for other orphanages to follow. 

In Service with You,

– Caleb & Sonja

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