It’s That Time Again!

I’m heading back to RUHU! The best part of my trip is seeing the kids and spending time with them. I’m so excited to see them again after only 10 months instead of 4 years!

As I prepare for my upcoming visit, I know that there are needs at RUHU that fall outside our budget this year. My goal is to bless them with these gifts while I am there. We hope to raise $11,300 to purchase 30 bunk beds, 60 mattresses, 60 blankets and bed sheets, 200 mosquito nets, refrigerator and sofa sets for the homes, and an incinerator for the RUHU Secondary School. Every child deserves a comfortable bed to sleep in and a warm blanket to keep them cozy at night.

It is your generosity that will make this possible! Please consider making a gift to bless these kids!

In addition to visiting the various RUHU programs and reconnecting with the kids and staff, I plan to focus most of my time on two specific areas. First, I will conduct a review of RUHU’s 2023 institutional audit. I will meet with the head accountant at RUHU and our external auditor to ensure that financial policies and procedures have been followed. Second, I will work on identifying additional programming and partnerships to ensure long-term employment solutions for our graduates. Youth unemployment in Africa, including Uganda, is endemic and our graduates are struggling to find jobs. Our goal is to provide the tools and support they need to combat this problem. Research, along with conversations with RUHU graduates, has helped us gain a better understanding of the complexities and challenges they face. I plan to connect with local NGOs in Kampala dedicated to this issue to discuss potential partnerships. We want to help RUHU fulfill its mission of empowering vulnerable children to become leaders in their communities. Assisting our graduates in finding meaningful work is a vital part of that mission.

I also want to invite sponsors to write a letter to your sponsored child. Your letters bring so much joy to the kids and they love to connect with you. Please take a moment to let them know that they are loved and supported. Letters can be emailed to me at or mailed to 386 S. Watertown St. Waupun, WI 53963 by April 1st. 

Thank you!


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