Last month we shared with you RUHU’s goal to “do more” in response to the heartbreaking situations children, especially those in under-resourced countries, are experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was RUHU’s goal to increase their programming

and care of the children that they serve through academic coaching and mentorship workshops. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing personal testimonies from children at RUHU that talk about how Covid has affected their lives, and their thoughts about the impact of the coaching opportunities and workshops being provided by RUHU. 

At this time, Uganda does not plan to re-open schools until January 2022. Beautiful Response is looking to provide an additional $29,000 to support RUHU as they continue to provide vital resources and education to protect these children from further negative effects. As you read their stories please consider donating to support these needs. Thank you!

I am Irene, a RUHU child residing at the RUHU girls’ home. I am 15 years old and in primary seven, though I would be in senior one by now but Covid-19 has made many children lag behind.

Covid-19 has affected many people, most of them have lost jobs, and many fellow Ugandans have fallen sick and passed-on. Schools have been closed, many businesses have been closed and people embarked on taking out money from their businesses to take care of their beloved families since everyone was under lockdown. Due to the lockdown caused by this pandemic, many parents have decided to send off their children into marriage and forced labor in the name of taking care of themselves. This has opened doors for such children to be exposed to sexual harassments, pornography, addictions, and pregnancies among others. Many have been forced to go to the streets but I thank God I am not among these people due to good security provided by RUHU. RUHU has managed to bring us professional teachers to teach us in this lockdown and educative workshops have been organized by RUHU directors with the help of RUHU Social workers. Through these workshops, we have learnt many things such as avoiding HIV/AIDS, how to deal with anger, character transformation, mindset change, increasing our opportunities among others. This has broadened my understanding on how to deal with such issues and I believe many children who have attended these workshops have greatly learnt a lot and I look forward to achieving my dream of becoming a Nurse and being of benefit in my society. So I take this opportunity to thank all RUHU directors, RUHU social workers, mamas, and whoever has been there to see that we acquire this knowledge and above all, I thank God who has enabled me to be part of the chosen ones. It is my humble request that this workshop continues. Thank you so much.

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