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We announced a big goal for 2021 earlier this month! Our hope is to reach…

100 new monthly recurring donors for Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) by the end of the year.

We are so appreciative of all our current monthly donors, but we know that in order to continue funding the growth at RUHU we need to increase our recurring donor base. Consistent, reliable giving is extremely important when it comes to funding the amazing work and programs at RUHU. These regular funds help support the RUHU schools, provide food for everyone that is part of RUHU, supply water and power to the many RUHU buildings, and so much more. Not to mention the psychological assurance that steady funds provide. 

You may have seen our Facebook post about the growing staff at RUHU, which we are so excited about! In the past 5 years, RUHU has grown from a 5 person staff to having over 60 staff members on their payroll. These positions range from teaching to finances to social work. As the staff has grown, they’ve also continued to advance and challenge themselves through classes, on-site trainings, and seminars. We are incredibly proud of the work they are doing! ​

To support the staff at RUHU, we send $7,440/month. This covers the salaries for all the teachers (Primary & Secondary), social workers, house mothers, wardens, school nurses, RUHU administration, and more! The average monthly salary for a staff member at RUHU is $110/month. Supporting this wonderful, dedicated staff is just one of the many great reasons to become a monthly donor.

First, thank you everyone so much for your support over these past years. Second, if you aren’t already, would you pray about and consider becoming a monthly donor? Third, to those of you who do donate monthly–(thank you!)–would you consider increasing your donation size each month to help further support RUHU? Finally, would you consider asking a friend or family member to join us and become a monthly donor?

Whether you are able to give $10/month or $110/month your support is truly a blessing.

With gratitude for all the ways each and every one of you support us,
Laura Hoekstra
Program Director

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