How the Numbers Tell a Story – July 2021

Caleb and I were talking recently about what message we should send out in our next email update. I am a numbers person. I wanted to update everyone on where we stood financially at the end of our second quarter. Caleb, being the storyteller, suggested highlighting some of the real-life stories about our University students that we had received from RUHU. I reminded Caleb that he is the storyteller. I am a black and white thinker and writer and writing about the numbers is a bit more my style. His response was, “How do the numbers tell the story?”

Our projected University budget for 2021 is $59,915. So far, we have sent RUHU $41,665 for University expenses. This money covers a wide range of things including tuition, hostel (room & board) fees, stationery and coursework fees, meals, transportation, etc. The University and Institute students at RUHU are enrolled in a variety of programs of study such as Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Industrial Art & Design, Computer Science, Microfinance, Catering & Hotel Management, Fashion & Design, Welding, Plumbing, and Electrical Wiring.
University or Institute is the goal and dream for most kids at RUHU, just as it is for my kids, and perhaps yours as well. Even though the path to attending University/Institute may be dramatically different, the shared dream creates connection because no matter where you attend University, you experience trials and tribulations, highs and lows, successes and challenges.
Vicent is a welding student and studies and works at the Kibirige Metal workshop. RUHU staff are happy that Vicent likes what he is studying. He shows his love for what he is doing by regularly sending them pictures of himself at workshop. RUHU staff have been able to secure Vicent a new house and have paid 3 months of his rent and money for upkeep. RUHU made the decision to give Vicent the opportunity to make the metal doors for the toilets at the boys’ house. They were so happy that he accepted the job and as you can see below, he did excellent work.

Stewart, having recently flown the coop, was behind 2 months in his rent. RUHU was able to pay his rent for 3 months and his debt was cleared.  Even though Uganda is in lockdown Stewart continues to study electrical wiring. RUHU reports that his teacher is still able to find jobs for Stewart to work. Stewart receives a small payment and is provided lunch when he works. This enables him to earn a wage so he can supplement the support he receives from RUHU. RUHU was happy to report that Stewart also received the COVID lockdown food and upkeep package.

Catherine is struggling with a decision that any college student can relate to. Currently, she is studying at Kyambogo University pursuing a degree in Microfinance. But like so many students who start their university experience thinking they want their major to be X only to change it to Y or Z, Catherine is now questioning if this is the path for her. Thankfully, RUHU staff are trying their best to work with her and make sure she is in a course of study that is right for her.

Most of the students are now attending online studies during the lockdown. They have been fully supported and were given money for upkeep and food as RUHU, and all of Uganda, prays and waits to see what comes next.

We are so proud of the University and Institute students at RUHU. We are encouraged by the honest reports RUHU sends us about the accomplishments and struggles that these students have. We are impressed by the staff’s response to these situations. We are so grateful that these kids are living and learning and navigating their way into adulthood.

“I take this opportunity to thank you for standing with RUHU University and Institute students ever since they joined the University as well as Institute. Thanks for paying tuition, coursework, hostel fee, food, data, upkeep, allowances, transport to mention but a few. Thank you for the provision; all University and Institute students have been supplied with enough food and upkeep to cover them during this lockdown.” ~ June RUHU University/Institute update

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