How the Numbers Tell a Story – December 2021

Our projected 2021 RUHU budget was $367,665.

In another strange, difficult, and unparalleled year we exceeded that budget by $39,835. It was our honor to support the wise and unique ways in which RUHU pivoted their programming in the face of such adversity. This year, more than ever, RUHU needed to “raise up hope” among the kids they serve. Providing this hope amidst the challenges brought about by COVID was a difficult test…a test they passed with flying colors. Their vision for wholistic education and well-being laid the groundwork for the kids at RUHU to develop a positive mindset, learn a variety of new skills, acquire important knowledge for personal health and safety, and continue their education despite school closures.


As we come to the close of 2021 we want to thank you for the tremendous support you continue to provide Beautiful Response and RUHU. Your support and generosity sustains the great work RUHU is doing. It provides the hope that is so desperately needed during these uncertain times. It ensures that these kids are not lost to the many difficulties, challenges, and uphill battles so many of the world’s under-resourced youth are fighting against. As we close out this year we also ask that you help us make up our budget deficit and hit our year end fundraising goal. We are so close! We need just $9,500 to get out of the red and $42,500 to start 2022 strong!

As we look to 2022 we realize that it may be another year of uncertainty. We want to be able to support RUHU no matter what challenges they may face. Please donate now to ensure that we are ready to provide that support.

With gratitude,

Caleb, Sonja and Laura

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