How Precious a Thing

Sonja and I welcomed a baby boy into the world Monday evening. Birth puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it?

At birth, I become acutely aware of two things.

The first thought I cannot shake is how broken our world is. When I see our son’s little fingers, his fragile soft skin, his utter dependence, I am devastated by the reality that  children often come into a world that is unable or unwilling to give them what they need.  The fact that so many families do not have the means to provide what their children’s needs is haunting.  It is all of our work to undo that brokenness.

Secondly, I am reminded of “how precious a thing is a human being,” a phrase borrowed from theologian Rowan Williams. At birth (and death) we all become more aware of how marvelous the human creature is.  How precious are human beings! There are no caveats. 

From cradle to grave, human beings are marvels. Precious. On the one hand, this doesn’t have much to do in the way of an update about RUHU. On the other hand, it has everything to do with an update about RUHU. Keep those precious kids in your prayers. They are all marvels.


I also wanted to share an important staffing update at RUHU. As many of you may know, Patrick and his wife welcomed a baby girl into the world in 2020. Patrick has subsequently needed to spend time focusing on family.

William has been serving as program director for RUHU but as of April 1st he has assumed the role of Executive Director to enable Patrick to spend time attending to personal matters. We’re so grateful for both Patrick and William’s leadership during this transition and we’re grateful that William is so capable of taking on this new title and responsibility. Please pray for Patrick, William, and RUHU!

With Gratitude,


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