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Muwala Mulungi, which translates to “beautiful girls” in Luganda, is a women’s empowerment program, which was created with the goal to empower current and former street girls in the areas of Kisenyi and Katwe, which are both heavily populated with street children.

Colby Massy

“When Help the Youth came around, it was a blessing to me… Everything was changed.” Colby Massy, a graduate from Help the Youth in Haiti recalls the importance of having an opportunity for education in his life. As a child, Colby was only able to attend school until the 6th grade, when his mother could no longer afford it. Unfortunately, this is the case for so many children in Haiti. Help the Youth strives to change that reality.

Through the assistance of donors, Help the Youth exists to fund education for, and make a difference in the lives of, eager students, like Colby. Thinking back to his first year of education with Help the Youth, Colby remembers, “I studied for 6 months and expected to be sent back home because I couldn’t afford it. Then after a year, still nobody said anything. All I needed was my uniform, so I just kept going; year after year.” This is the difference Help the Youth is working to make in the lives of the youth in Haiti. The opportunity for education should be available regardless of funds, and because of you, it’s possible. 

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Part 2: Transitions
Part 3: Leadership

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