If you’ve followed Patrick’s story from the beginning, you will remember that RUHU began with the dream of a young, Ugandan man who wanted more for

the vulnerable youth in his community. Slowly, those dreams became reality, allowing Patrick to create a community for many who had been marginalized. However, as Patrick began planting more roots and working hard to provide for more children, the need for increased help arose. William joined the team along with Mama Allen. This was the original staff at RUHU when we met them over 10 years ago.

​RUHU began flourishing under the guidance of these leaders, but the need for more staff became obvious. Thankfully, the community’s commitment to RUHU grew alongside as RUHU’s programs began to have a greater impact on it, providing amazing people to fill the gaps. What began with only a dream and 3 staff members, now employs over 60 employees. We continually thank God for the growth RUHU has been blessed with and the wonderful staff members He has led to RUHU.

Take a look at some of the ways God has been blessing RUHU through specific staff members over the past few years.

When Teacher Jackie came to work at RUHU 5.5 years ago, she helped establish the RUHU Day School Program which was held in the small rooms and courtyard surrounding the boys compound. Now, she is the Assistant Director of the RUHU Primary and Nursery School and oversees 20 staff members. Her knowledge and expertise in education has helped this program grow exponentially.

Mama Faith started at RUHU as the original house mother at Jireh House (the girl’s house) when it opened in 2013. Now, 8 years later, she has assumed the role of Head of Welfare, overseeing all of the other house mothers, as well as the overall health of each child living in those homes.

Finally, William. William was one of the original 3 staff members at RUHU. In the beginning he focused on managing the financial side of things. Recently, though, he became the Executive Director which includes overseeing 2 schools (RUHU Primary and RUHU Village of Hope Secondary), all of the departments at RUHU (Social Work, Welfare, Career Relations, Finance, etc.), and the 67 person staff employed by RUHU. William’s dedication to RUHU and the kids is evident in every decision he makes as he continually works to improve the day-to-day operations and culture within the organization.

It has truly been a blessing to watch RUHU prosper and be led by God’s grace. This continued growth and expansion is largely made possible through your generous donations. So, if you’ve enjoyed watching RUHU grow throughout the years, become a monthly donor and help support the amazing and dedicated staff at Raising Up Hope for Uganda. Sufficient recurring funds not only help support each staff member and their family, but they also provide a greater impact on the community surrounding RUHU by providing many people within the community a livable wage.

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