Giving Tuesday!

Next week Tuesday (12/1) is a day dedicated to giving, a day to celebrate generosity. People around the globe are inspired by the power that their generosity has in making a positive change in the lives of others. On Giving Tuesday you can make the choice to show your generosity to a non-profit that you believe makes a difference. Beautiful Response is fortunate to be partners with two such organizations.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 this year as an investment in future Ugandan and Haitian leaders. We already have $8,500 committed in matching gifts. If our donors give $8,500, that’s a chance to raise a minimum of $17,000!

The 2020 UN Socioeconomic Impact Report of COVID-19 makes the case that investment in vulnerable communities, like those our partners in Uganda and Haiti serve, is more important this year than ever. Your financial support has ripple effects into the economies and well-being of people whose lives will be different because of your generosity. Not only do donations give protection against immediate threats like hunger and homelessness, they also provide generation-changing opportunities through education. 

Your investment in the lives and education of the kids we serve is their path to self-sufficiency and becoming future leaders in their communities and perhaps even their country.

There are a lot of wonderful charities in the world. We would be honored if you chose to bless Beautiful Response with your generosity this Giving Tuesday. Find and follow us on Facebook by searching @BEAUTIFULRESPONSE to get up-to-date progress on Giving Tuesday and let others know about the great work being done in Uganda and Haiti!

Ready to make a difference?

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