Game Changer.

Maya Pearl joined our family September 6th and nearly ever part of our life has felt different since.Sonja and I started Beautiful Response in 2011 after being convinced that God was calling us to play an important role in the lives of the 42 orphaned children that lived at Raising Up Hope in Uganda. For the past 7 years, it has been an honor, occasionally a difficulty, but usually a joy to raise support for the good work that our partners in Uganda are doing.

This fall, when our own daughter joined us, we were given an entirely new perspective on what it means to care for a child. 

Having a daughter has made us appreciate the gravity, the responsibility, and the privilege that being a parent is. It is a broken and hurting world that results in parents abandoning their children or being parted from them through disease/death. 

The tremendous love and care we have for our daughter, now motivates us to ensure each daughter and son at RUHU is cared for, loved, and known. 

It has been an important year for us personally and for Beautiful Response. As the kids get older our need for support is increasing quickly. Many of you have responded to this need and stepped up your giving which has been such an encouragement.

We are still $9,000 short from our annual budget and we need your help. Please consider giving toward the projects below.

Our hearts are full of gratitude for your support in 2017 and full of hope for 2018.

Happy New Year.


$750 for Job Training and Transportation during the school holidays

As the children get older, RUHU is trying to provide job training opportunities for them during their school holidays. What is the benefit of an education if it doesn’t lead to new opportunities? Help us provide access to internships and job training!


$845 Water Purification System

​A water purification for one of the orphanage homes was provided by a donor. We need $845 to provide the same system at the Girl’s Orphanage Home.


End of Year Donations

Give towards any of the causes above, or simply help us start off January in the black. We need your help raising the money needed to start the new school year.

Ready to make a difference?

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