Following the Leader

There are no photos of our first staff meeting at RUHU. It was just Sonja, Patrick, William and I at a Japanese restaurant in Kampala, up on Nakasero Hill.

Looking back, we were just babies, 19-21 year olds talking about what God was up to and trying to figure out the chopsticks.

We didn’t know it would be the first of many staff meetings. What we did know was that something was happening. In my day job, I’m a pastor in Chicago. I’ve been preaching through Acts, where the early church keeps discovering that Jesus’ Spirit is at work in all sorts of people and places they aren’t expecting it. An Ethiopian Eunuch, Saul, a Roman Centurion’s home. Time after time, God’s Spirit is ahead of the church, waiting for it to arrive.

A photo from our most recent staff meeting! 🙂 

In the story of Beautiful Response, I’m not sure who is who. In 2010, Patrick and William were thick in the will of God caring for orphans and widows. We happened to travel along the same road. It still feels like God is ahead of us, waiting for us to arrive. What gives us hope when Uganda feels as far away as it does right now, is that we don’t need to be there for God to be at work. And ultimately, our calling to simply respond remains the same. 

Part of that responding in this season of our organization is getting more people to respond with us. We are working towards finding 100 new recurring monthly donors in 2021. For every 1,000 people we ask, we might get 1 person. But for every 10 friends you ask, 3-4 are likely to give! Help us reach our goal! Let us know if you are interested in partnering with us by reaching out to Laura for more information!


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