End of Year Needs

Patrick, William, and the staff at RUHU have weathered an incredible year. We all have, haven’t we? But for children on the margins of Uganda’s society, the dangers of hunger and disease come much closer to home.

We need to raise $84,000.00 by the end of 2020. Part of the reason this number is so high is that we did not receive a major grant that we have received in previous years. So, in a year that has been an uphill battle, we have the steepest climb we’ve ever had. 

This money pays RUHU staff. It keeps the kids in school. It is money for food, firewood, and medical bills. It funds a school for 250 vulnerable children who don’t have another school to attend. It paves the way for kids who are venturing into universities against all odds. 

We won’t raise it all in one gift [unless you know someone :)]. It will come in gifts of all sizes. It will come in people giving during our Giving Tuesday push this year. It will come through people increasing their monthly donations. It will come through people prioritizing generosity during the holiday season. It will come in 200 different ways. 

What we would humbly ask you to consider is in what way you might give to empower the work of RUHU and help shape the future of an under-served child in Uganda. ​​


The pictures in this week’s email are all from 2018. We had the pleasure of bringing our daughter, Maya, to Uganda for the first time in 2018. She loved it! It was truly a joy to watch the kids in Uganda love Maya and care for her. 

We also held a staff party for 25 of the RUHU staff. When we first began supporting Patrick and William, there were 3 staff members. We are so proud to support and employ over 40 staff in Uganda. They are an absolutely inspiring group of people who love the kids so well!

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