End of Year Giving 2021

Thank you for making Beautiful Response a part of your giving this year!

We have tried to be particularly honest in our updates in 2021.

Along with plenty of good news about students graduating, starting businesses, and growing stronger and wiser there have also been some tough stories to tell. The school closures over the past two years have caused some kids to drop out of school. A few have gone back to less than ideal community situations or back to the slums. As the kids become adults, they occasionally exercise their freedom in ways that cause William or Patrick to call us with an urgent concern. Most recently there were a couple of bombs in Kampala which didn’t impact RUHU directly, but caused fear and uncertainty none-the-less.

In 2011, RUHU was providing a full-time home and family for little kids. 
In 2021, RUHU is still caring for young orphans. But it is also sending kids off to college, taking them in when they return home without a job, and counseling young adults through the growing pains of a bizarre time to be an adult. 

We’ve paid for surgeries, new technology for the kids to learn at home, increasing staff needs, and the ongoing expenses of a home for 100 and a school for 250+. It hasn’t been cheap. But over the past month, giving has exceeded our expectations and we find ourselves only $37,000 short of our primary goal and $70,000 short of our stretch-goal. Based on historic giving during December and January, we are optimistic about reaching those numbers!

It’s cliche, but it’s true: it takes a village. If you’re receiving this email, you’ve been a part of the past 10+ years of supporting RUHU and we hope you’ll continue into the next decade by making a year-end gift today. 

With gratitude,
Caleb and Sonja

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