Doing Hard Things and Keeping Perspective

In two weeks, three days after Maya turns one and three months before I turn 30, I am going to run my first marathon.

I wouldn’t have thought the year I had a baby and started a job in investment banking would be the year I would choose to train for a marathon (what in the world was I doing at 25 years old that had me thinking I was so busy?!). But, I have decided to do it for two reasons. The first likely has to do with proving something to myself (and best left for a therapist?). But, the second, is to raise money for Beautiful Response.

In the midst of a year where it has been so easy to turn inward and place all our focus and energy on our new little family, our work with Beautiful Response has kept us grounded and connected to the global community that we are all a part of. And, in a job where ten million dollars is a simple matter of rounding, our work with Beautiful Response has kept me grounded to the impact $400 can have when it pays for school fees.

So, Maya and I are spending our mornings running the lake shore and I am raising $200 for every mile plus $800 for the last 0.2 mile* ( =$6,000 for 26.2 miles) to help raise money for the 76 kids we will be sending to school in the fall.

Many of you have journeyed with Caleb and me over the last 9 (!!) years since we started Beautiful Response. It is such a special part of our story and hope you would consider this an official invitation to join us. It would mean so much if you would consider sponsoring a mile, a ½ mile, or a ¼ mile of the run. Do it here and note in the comments which mile is yours.

Love to each of you.
-Sonja (and Maya, my newest running partner)
*Because, we know that will be a long final 0.2 miles


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